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September 1st is the day I shall never forget for the rest of my life i.e the day I got placed in SAP Labs. SAP Labs has always had a fixed procedure in DCE. 1 Written + 1 Tech + 1 HR Round. This time they had wanted to conduct an online test on, but that failed miserably which proved considerably lucky for me given that I suck in written tests. Now instead of conducting a written test,they had to take interviews for every single applicant.

Round 1 : Tech – 25 minutes

Questions were mostly puzzle based like finding 4 L of water using 3 and 5 L jugs, a modification to Angels and Demons Boat Question and some questions that had no correct answers but they just wanted to test your approach. I had to write codes for Fibonacci (recursive and log (n) solution using matrices), Permutation of strings.

Round 2 : Resume and Tech – 50 minutes

Round 1 had been for almost everyone a resume round except for 3-4 people. My resume was discussed for about 30 minutes and then the interviewer went on to ask questions on OS(Threads, Processes),Computer Graphics(Bresenham), Architecture and Hardware design of a PC, Software Engineering(Models, Testing) concepts as well as a question on how to detect whether a given group of objects(Eg. (1,2),(2,3),(3,1)) is cyclic. I must admit questions on computer graphics and software engineering were really unexpected. Then she went on to ask me about normal forms and gave me a table to normalize.

Round 3 : HR/ Design – 50 minutes

I didn’t even get the opportunity to breathe when I was called for the final round. Firstly, I was asked pretty standard questons(Living in Bangalore etc) but then he said that he wanted me to design a policy management system for a completely non-tech person. It was pretty easy task if you’ve been a web developer. He also asked me my views on the Lokpal Bill(strange , ain’t it??).

Then after waiting for 1.5 hrs, my name was the first to be announced. Undoubtedly, one of the most happiest days of my life!


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