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September 1st is the day I shall never forget for the rest of my life i.e the day I got placed in SAP Labs. SAP Labs has always had a fixed procedure in DCE. 1 Written + 1 Tech + 1 HR Round. This time they had wanted to conduct an online test on, but that failed miserably which proved considerably lucky for me given that I suck in written tests. Now instead of conducting a written test,they had to take interviews for every single applicant.

Round 1 : Tech – 25 minutes

Questions were mostly puzzle based like finding 4 L of water using 3 and 5 L jugs, a modification to Angels and Demons Boat Question and some questions that had no correct answers but they just wanted to test your approach. I had to write codes for Fibonacci (recursive and log (n) solution using matrices), Permutation of strings.

Round 2 : Resume and Tech – 50 minutes

Round 1 had been for almost everyone a resume round except for 3-4 people. My resume was discussed for about 30 minutes and then the interviewer went on to ask questions on OS(Threads, Processes),Computer Graphics(Bresenham), Architecture and Hardware design of a PC, Software Engineering(Models, Testing) concepts as well as a question on how to detect whether a given group of objects(Eg. (1,2),(2,3),(3,1)) is cyclic. I must admit questions on computer graphics and software engineering were really unexpected. Then she went on to ask me about normal forms and gave me a table to normalize.

Round 3 : HR/ Design – 50 minutes

I didn’t even get the opportunity to breathe when I was called for the final round. Firstly, I was asked pretty standard questons(Living in Bangalore etc) but then he said that he wanted me to design a policy management system for a completely non-tech person. It was pretty easy task if you’ve been a web developer. He also asked me my views on the Lokpal Bill(strange , ain’t it??).

Then after waiting for 1.5 hrs, my name was the first to be announced. Undoubtedly, one of the most happiest days of my life!


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Intern @ One97

Its been a month since I started as an intern at One97 Communications Limited. So far, I have had the greatest lunches, met great people and the most fun part, I have done no work at all. Apparently, there is an internal agenda that interns are not supposed to be given relevant work. Initially, it pissed me off to no end but  I soon realized it was a blessing in disguise. I was able to figure out my career options with the help of my co-workers , check out the “Hot” HR’s there 😉 and started SPOJ(Don’t judge me, I was bored)

Since the founder of the company is also a DCE passout, they treat DCEites with great respect and my general observation has been that all of the alumni I met here have high salary jobs. Simply because “DCE ki chaud hain!”.

Also, this is the company’s founders reply on reading this post




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